Using SpeedWrap Golf

SpeedWrap is cohesive, sticking to itself, without any need for fasteners. It will not loosen with water or perspiration, making it ideal for use in all playing conditions.

Use SpeedWrap on your clubs:

SpeedWrap Golf can be used effectively on any club, from that brand new driver to your favorite putter. Start at the club head end of the grip. Wrap the loose end around once and pinch the SpeedWrap to itself to anchor the wrap. Next, wind the material onto the grip directly from the roll, leaving a small overlap with each wrap. You can add a single layer without altering the size of the grip, or add multiple layers to build some size for maximum "gription."

Use SpeedWrap on your fingers:

Do you have a trouble spot or two on your hand or fingers? SpeedWrap Golf will help protect you from that raw spot or blister! Just wrap it around at least one full wrap to anchor it to itself and you are ready for action. No slipping bandage or sticky adhesive tape that's hard on your skin—no allergy has ever been reported! SpeedWrap will stay in place, wet or dry, and allow your skin to breathe.

Other Uses:

There are a million and one uses for SpeedWrap Golf cohesive gauze. Besides your fingers and clubs, once you start using SpeedWrap, you will find it comes in handy to provide protection and extra "gription" in a variety of uses. For example, that plastic-handled umbrella in your golf bag will be much easier to hold when it starts raining if you've wrapped it with SpeedWrap.

Helpful Hint:
Always turn the end of the roll sideways when finished for easy access to the end of the roll on your next use.

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